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Our senior living referral service is completely FREE to you and your family. We partner with a select group of communities that meet our rigorous standards for care, aesthetics, activities, and most importantly, safety. Our goal is to find a community that is the best fit for you and your life needs.

What makes Alcove Senior Advocates different? We actually go with you to visit these communities when you are ready. We use this opportunity of touring senior communities with you to share our knowledge and insight. We make onsite evaluation visits to the communities we recommend, and because our team members include experienced senior living professionals with a keen eye and high standards for excellence, our team is trained to recognize things that others may not. We will not recommend a community unless a member of our team has personally visited, toured, and vetted it. Our team members are constantly evaluating new communities while maintaining a current knowledge of long standing senior living community providers.

Step by Step

A process customized for you


Step by Step

A process customized for you

We Get to Know You

We are able to make customized recommendations to fit your situation because we make the effort to get to know you. First, we establish a relationship with you built on knowledge and trust. Our initial contact whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat - is meant to give us a thorough picture of your or your loved one's residential needs. We get to know you and your loved one and your lifestyle, values, preferences, and needs. Additionally if you desire, a qualified professional will review your budget and financial issues related to your senior living needs, including a review of long-term care insurance policies and other financial contracts, already in place that may offer potential benefits. A qualified team member can provide assistance with budget projections and review current and long term finances so you can have peace of mind from truly understanding the financial resources and options available to you. At no cost to you, we are also available to provide a senior life plan- basic review of estate planning, financial planning, and tax issues.

We Gather Choices for You and Make Recommendations

Once we have a clear picture of your needs, your preferences, and your budget, we use our extensive knowledge of the senior living communities in the geographic area you select to provide you with the customized selection of pre-screened communities that fit your needs.

We See the Communities Together

At no cost to you, we will schedule an expert member of our advisory team to accompany you while visiting each community and provide onsite guidance as you tour each community. Or, if you prefer to tour on your own, we can provide you with unique insights about each community, a checklist to take with you, and a list of questions to ask the community. Since there is no cost to you, we recommend that you take full advantage of our on-site in-person advocacy service and allow us to go with you to tour your candidate facilities.

We Can Help With Your Move*

You are the final decision-maker. Once you have chosen the community that best fits your needs, we can help facilitate some of the logistics of your actual move and assist with managing many of the ongoing demands of a life well lived. We can help you engage a packing service, moving company, in-home services (home health, companions, hospice), as well as provide life organization tools. We can help you identify and engage professionals to assist with services such as caregivers, transportation, budgeting, estate planning, legal, investment, or financial planning. *(Professional services from licensed professionals are provided by separate engagement between you and the individual providers.)

We Keep In Touch

Our relationship doesn’t stop when you move in. We want to know that 30 days or even three years down the road, you are happy! By staying in touch, you can give us peace of mind that your needs are being met and that the community you selected continues to be a good fit. Additionally, you’ll help other families by giving us ongoing insight as to what life is really like in your new community. Has there been a change of management? Change of food? Change in care quality? By keeping in touch with you, we can all be confident you’ve made the right choice for yourself, and your vital insight will help others who, like you, are searching for a place to call home.

We understand this may be an uncertain and stressful time for you and your family. Let us be a guiding light for you and help you find a place you can truly call home.

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